Portland Postal Annex at the Watertower. From portland notary public to shipipng - we've got you covered.

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Document Shredding Services from Your Portland Postal Annex

Need shredding, but don't want to buy an expensive shredder? Save time and money with us. Our document destruction services are secure, affordable, and convenient. Our shredded documents are 100% recycled. We are locally owned and operated, and know the value of our community. By recycling all shredded documents, we help to prevent unnecessary waste and protect our environment. Whether you have a few old tax forms you no longer need or have 40 pounds of sensitive papers, your neighborhood Postal Annex can help you be rid of them safely. We're just right down the road, so if you're near the Portland Waterfront, stop on by to work with one of our experts.

Why Should You Have Documents Shredded?
Did you know that around 10 million individuals are victims of identify theft on an annual basis? Up to 20% of victims do not even discover the theft until years after the fact. The costs are greater than the frustration associated with reclaiming an identity. Businesses see a loss of more than $220 billion dollars a year due to identity theft. Personal costs are just as staggering. Individuals who suffer this offense have trouble with credit, insurance rates, trust, and even have difficulty in getting jobs.

There are also legal reasons why you or your business may need to use document destruction services. From the Social Security Act of 1934 to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, there are laws that you may have to comply with.

Whatever your individual or corporate shredding needs are, trust Watertower Postal Annex to provide the services you can count on.